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Operating across Scotland, Interior is a design consultancy like no other.

We work with estate agents, private landlords, and businesses to find the most appropriate furniture and equipment for houses and flats, offices and other workplaces. 

We help our clients protect their investment in rental properties by ensuring the furniture is correct for the intended tenants, and our services help landlords gain a competitive edge in marketing vacant properties. 

We also offer a fast turnaround service when there is limited time to set up for a new tenant, further reducing lost rental income.

Interior can help pick statement pieces for an already furnished home or we can arrange all furniture, appliances and comforts to transform an empty property into a liveable home. 

We are dedicated to providing environmentally responsible solutions. In addition to sourcing brand new pieces, we use upcycled and reconditioned pieces to compliment modern solutions.

Regardless of the space that you need furnished, we look for the most cost effective and suitable solutions to help you achieve your aims.

Get in touch to discuss your needs.